Honoring the men in our lives

girl-1641215_960_720As Father’s Day approaches, we tend to think of ways to honor our dads, or people in our lives who have been like fathers to us.  But because not all men have had the chance to become fathers, I propose that Father’s Day be a time to honor all men in our lives.

The question is: how can we best honor these men?  Giving flowers or going out for a special meal are great ways to make the women in our lives feel special, but what speaks respect to men?  I decided to ask.

Here are some of the things men said about what makes them feel respected:

  • I’ve always felt ‘listening’ to be very important. Many men feel that if they don’t have ‘a voice’ or ‘influence’ in a matter, then they are not respected.
  • Taking time to express that you understand and value who they are and what they do. 🙂  Acknowledging their competence.  I believe the man is mostly honored if he is appreciated for his work and/or his influence in others’ lives.
  • Acknowledging that you are aware of and grateful for the sacrifices your dad made out of love for you.
  • For me, it is when I ask my kids to do something and they do it right away even if they don’t like or want to do it. That shows respect to me.
  • Helping me to become what I was designed to be in Christ and to have his image formed in me.

Some of the women I asked suggested the following:

  • I think a simple note with heartfelt thoughts and gratitude. I’m guessing they would be so happily surprised and touched! Me, too… I agree that a personal note would mean a lot!!
  • Always food 🙂  A gift card to his favorite restaurant.
  • Allow men to do for you. Men like to do things for women.  Let them do it, instead of trying to prove that you can take care of it yourself.
  • Men like to find solutions to problems, so ask them for input when you need it.  And don’t go with a solution in mind that you’ve already decided upon. That will make them feel disrespected.
  • Express confidence in a man’s ability to provide and care for you and your needs.  In a team setting: “Your style of leadership makes me feel heard and watched out for.”   In a relationship: “I feel cared for and safe with you.”
  • Believe in them no matter what; encourage them; be honest with them, speaking the truth in love; support them along the way
  • Express confidence in their ability to overcome or having overcome a challenging situation.

God admonishes us to encourage one another as the day draws near.  So as Father’s Day approaches (unintentional pun :-)), let’s take a little time to not only honor our fathers or husbands, but other men God has placed in our lives!

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